The wild Camargue. The lush Burgundy. The sunny Provence. The warm Mediterranean. The incomparable cuisine. The unique wines. The lavender-scented air. The medieval towns. The "savoir-vivre". The Mediterranean atmosphere. The optimal combination for a fascinating, exciting and relaxing RIVER VACATION THAT OnLY THE Rhône and Saône RIVERS OFFER.
At over 1,700 MILES in length, this magical river links ten European countries, three megacities, unparalleled scenery, cultural and historical treasures - and the exciting history of our continent with the future. We put the most beautiful facets of the Danube with special routes at your feet - and crowned them with unforgettable destinations on the Main-Danube Canal and the River Main.
From a short relaxing break up to 28 days travel enjoyment on the "Great Europe Combined Route" - between Amsterdam and Vienna and offers Europe's most romantic waterways. The verschlungenenen windings of the Rhine, the myths, legends and castles; the vineyards of the Mosel, the half-timbered houses, river valleys and picturesque villages: